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About Us
WATGEAR.com is a subsidiary of WAT, Manhattans Muay Thai Temple. Our goal is to provide on-line customers with a safe and pleasurable shopping experience, while offering a vast range of quality Martial arts products at unsurpassable prices.

WATGEAR.com is headquatered at the WAT in New York City. WAT is home to renouned International fighter and Trainer Kru Phil Nurse. Because of Kru Phil's vast ties ties to Thailand as well as his other international connections we are able to bring you the very best equipment at unsurpassable prices without huge shipping fees that many of our competitors charge. WATGEAR is a full service equipment line designed by Kru Phil Nurse and manufactured by the best of the best in Thailand.

Now that we have established WATGEAR.com our prime motivation is to be the best on-line source of Muay Thai and Martial Arts equipment, and to offer competitive shipping rates. We pay special attention to each and every customer's order to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. Our goal is simple: Offer the best quality merchandise at the best price while providing the very best service.

About Kru Phil Nurse
Kru Phil combines the sophisticated use of leverage and bodyweight along with clinch work to make his fighters tactically valuable on the inside while enabling them to be able to avoid and initiate takedowns. His camp, The WAT, is renowned for their offensive and defensive use of clinch work in competitive arenas.

His style of Muay Thai is constantly evolving to meet the needs of mixed martial artists. Kru Phil is an active trainer who does not require his fighters to perform a task that he cannot complete himself.

Kru Philip Nurse is a traditional Muay Thai master who strategically marries the footwork of Mohammed Ali with crafty execution to create one of the most exciting and effective forms of Muay Thai practiced today. Kru Phil’s strength is in the application of the philosophy that his fighters should be conditioned and ready to fight at a moments notice.

The exposure to Asian, European and American Muay Thai has enhanced Kru Phil’s reputation as a trainer and teacher whose skill is unsurpassed over a career spanning 27 years.

Kru Phil Nurse began his formal training in Muay Thai at age 17. His training carried him from the UK to the camps of Thailand where he lived and trained alongside other Thai Masters.

Kru Phil’s professional Muay Thai bouts span the globe and include the UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the US. While successfully retaining and defending his various professional Muay Thai belts, Kru Phil also competed and won titles on the British Professional Boxing Circuit.
Kru Phil has developed more than 20 Muay Thai champions. Because of his proven track record, his tremendous work ethic and unblemished integrity, Kru Phil is a coveted coach and trainer of many professional MMA athletes, Thai Boxers, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts.

Record: Muay Thai
32 Wins; 3 Losses; 0 Draws
15 Wins by Knock Out

Titles & Belts
• British All Styles Super Light Welterweight Champion
• Double British Champion
• European Light Welterweight Champion

Record: Boxing
14 Wins; 3 Losses; 0 Draws

• 11th in the United Kingdom

Kru Phil’s Athletes & Appearances - Muay Thai Titles & Belts

06-27-09 WAT Amateur Team- 4 Gold, 4 Silver WKA US North American Muay Thai Champions
06-19-09 Brett Hlavacek- Kru & Corner WKA Amateur Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
06-14-08 WAT Amateur Team- 7 Gold, 2 Silver WKA US North American Muay Thai Champions
06-12-08 Sean Hinds- Kru & Corner WBL Intercontinental Super Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
06-21-06 WAT Amateur Team- 7 Silver WKA US North American Muay Thai Champions
04-26-07 Susan Merlucci- Coach 2007 Golden Gloves Champion- Women’s 110lbs
06-13-05 WAT Amateur Team- 4 Gold, 3 Silver WKA US North American Muay Thai Champions
02-11-05 Derek Riddick- Kru & Corner USKBA Muay Thai Light Heavyweight Title
06-19-04 WAT Amateur Team- 1 Gold, 2 Silver WKA US North American Muay Thai Champions
06-14-04 Joe Sampieri- Kru & Corner WKA North American Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
10-05-03 Michael Reno- Kru & Corner WKA North American Welterweight Muay Thai Champion
06-19-03 WAT Amateur Team- 2 Gold, 2 Silver
WKA US North American Muay Thai Champions
12-07-02 Joe Sampieri- Kru & Corner
WKA North American Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
08-04-02 WAT Amateur Team- 3 TItles
IKF US National Amateur Muay Thai Champions
05-18-02 WAT Amateur Team- 2 Gold
WKA US North American Muay Thai Champions
09-09-01 WAT Amateur Team- 3 Titles
IKF US National Amateur Muay Thai Champions
Kru Phil’s Athletes & Appearances- Professional Mixed Martial Arts

Rashad Evans- Coach
UFC Series TUF 10
Rashad Evans- Coach
UFC 98- vs. L. Machida
Nate Marquardt- Coach
UFC 95- vs. W. Gouveia
Georges St. Pierre- Coach & Corner
UFC 94- vs. BJ Penn
Georges St. Pierre- Coach & Corner
UFC 87- vs. J. Fitch
Roger Huerta- Coach
UFC 87- vs. K. Florian
Georges St. Pierre- Coach & Corner
UFC 83- vs. M. Serra
Georges St. Pierre- Coach & Corner
UFC 79- vs. M. Hughes
Rashad Evans- Coach
UFC 78- vs. M. Bisping
Georges St. Pierre- Coach
UFC 74- vs. J. Koscheck
Georges St. Pierre- Coach
UFC 69- vs. M. Serra
Georges St. Pierre- Coach
UFC 65- vs. M. Hughes

Wat fighters are recognized as the “…well oiled machines that are Kru Nurse’s trademark…”
Muay Thaimes

“…Kru Phil Nurse, who is known not only for his traditional Muay Thai techniques but for a cardio workout that is pure torture on a good day and the closest thing to death on bad days...”
UFC.com Article

“Even if I reach a good level of fighting, I have to keep my mind open, keep studying and keep learning new stuff. Phil Nurse for me is one of the best Muay Thai guys I have seen.”
Georges St. Pierre- UFC Welterweight Champion

“Nurse has an incredible reputation amongst Muay Thai practitioners. The word on the playground is that if you were given the option of a cardio workout with Phil, or a painful death, the decision wouldn’t be as easy as you may think.”
Sherdog.com Article

“…Kru Phil Nurse and his mastery of a sport that tones up the mind as well as the body.”
Jasmine K Williams, NY Post

Our signature line of equipment is made from the finest materials available. Kru Phil's extensive relationships in Thailand,US, and UK help us to find you the very best, for very less! We go the distance to make sure you get high quality products that are durable, useful, and aesthetically pleasing.